About James Archer

When I was 22, a moment of sudden and intense suffering provoked a spiritual awakening. I spent the next three years practicing mindfulness and Vipassana and experimenting with psychedelics. Then through Sam Harris' Waking Up app, I was introduced to non-dual meditations, teachings, and teachers. I spent the next four years studying under Loch Kelly, Adyashanti, and Rupert Spira.

Throughout this time I've also been focused on healing my psychological trauma. My spiritual understanding has certainly helped me heal, but I credit my healing transformation largely to Internal Family Systems (IFS), which I've been using for the last three years. That said, If I didn't have the clear access to my true essential Self that my spiritual understanding has provided, IFS would have been far less effective for me.

My interest now is in exploring the intersection between spiritual awakening and healing. I do so through studying, writing, coaching, and IFS Chat.

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Explorations on spiritual awakening and healing.


James Archer

I write about IFS and spirituality. I’m also building IFS Chat and coaching IFS. And I spend some time managing my late dad’s open-source software company FxSound.